Nothing fancy for now...

The keys to Firehawk #310, 10th Anniversary #54 were handed to me on Wednesday. April 4, 2001 by Saadallah of Sewell Pontiac in Dallas, TX. After ripping around the DFW area, I left Saturday morning on a 3-day trek back home in Monroe, WA.

Some pics:

Saadallah kept it safe for me :)

Amazing what a claybar and some Zaino can do!

One of my few stops, this one in Denver

At view point above Pendleton, OR

Finally at home in Seattle!

After a few more coats of Zaino:
Down the side

Some shots of my stereo improvements:
Kenwood KDC-X817 (Kickass CD receiver!)
Kenwood KAC-X401M (Pumping ~600 Watts RMS)
Boston Pro Audio 12.52 (12" Subwoofer)

06/09/2002 - Some updated pics (BIG) after the weather turned nice again
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 

06/22/2002 - Cool Desert Nights in Richland, WA
Here's something you don't see everyday!
10th Hawks #34 and #54 side by side!